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Our "Taralli al Calzone" are made entirely by hand, by Apulian artisan producers who use high quality raw materials and follow the traditional manufacturing processes, with a typical recipe of Puglia, essential for the success of a genuine, crumbly and crunchy tarallo .

The "Taralli al Calzone" are a gem "made in Puglia", where the recipe of the classic traditional Apulian tarallo is combined with the ingredients of the Apulian calzone, such as: onion, sultana raisins and pitted black olives. Perfect for those who love the particular and intense taste of calzone, combined with the goodness of the traditional Apulian tarallo, made with a few simple ingredients, which enhance the aroma and flavor.

With a strong and decisive flavor, this blend represents the right solution to give you a charge of energy.

Balanced and full-bodied coffee, creamy and perfectly dosed to obtain a unique coffee worthy of your trusted bar.